Friday, 22 July 2011


We've recently been drawn to the work of photographer Steven Chu who produces strikingly simply yet beautiful fashion imagery. Following Susie Bubble 's blog about Age of Reason in her Scarf Series last week, we did a bit of online snooping.  Hey presto, the perfect storm; we found a photo of our favorite blogger by our favorite photographer.

This is a candid fashion week picture, but Chu's fashion and portrait work strikes us as almost painterly in its composition and use of the human form. We were particularly inspired by his "Academy of the Frozen" series for . His classical references are strong, but steer clear of cliche; to me he evokes Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer in his use of light. The images are simple but bold. We'd love to see him photograph our scarves one day.

Susie Bubble is no stranger to superlatives, so we won't bore on with more.  But it's hard not to admire how hard she works at blogging, and the depth of her coverage.  She's made fashion blogging into a viable profession by offering a detailed, observant, critical analysis of fashion as it happens, and without a snooty insider attitude. She just loves clothes, and normal people can understand what she's on about.   She's also much imitated, well plagiarised really. For example just hours after she'd blogged about our scarves, dozens of bloggers around the world had simply copied and pasted her words directly into their own blogs. Make up your own minds about flattery and imitation.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Cor, blimey! London commuters woke up to a saucy page 20 this morning in the Metro. 

"Oo-er, missus.
Scarf designer Age of Reason reinterperets the classic silk square to thrillingly cheeky effect for erotic luxury boutique Coco De Mer. This 100 per cent silk Crepe de Chine Orgy scarf only reveals the full extent of its secrets when unknotted."

Here it is in all it's glory. 

By the way...This little number is owned by non other than Jodie Harsh herself.  Saucy! 

Buy online at Coco de Mer. 

Sunday, 17 July 2011


It's been a busy week. Not much time to blog. But here's a sneak peek inside an Age of Reason sketchbook. Oooh I say! 

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Blogging about blogging is not usually something we do. But in one case an exception has to be made...

We doubt there is a style enthusiast or fashion expert in the Western World (and beyond) who hasn't read Susie Bubble's blog Style Bubble. So without any further ado, here is her very positive post, with a large section on Age of Reason scarves.

We can tell that Susie has taken the time to read our blog and look thoroughly at our website. She's even posted raw unfinished artwork, something that only a true enthusiast would do. We are blown away.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Picture © Channel 4 

Over the past couple of weeks we have been glued to a box every Saturday morning at 11:20, waiting to catch a glimpse of our favorite stylist mentor Alexis Knox. We've shouted at the telly when the public have voted against her, we've taken note of what she's wearing, what she's tweeting, and how many times she's said "Wowzers" or "Major".  But most of all we've been waiting to see if Alexis would wear one of her beloved Age of Reason scarves on TV. A long shot for any designer...

Today, however,  we were not disappointed. Half way through the Style the Nation Final POW! there was the lovely Alexis wearing her long Punk Pug silk scarf wrapped stylishly in her hair. The scarf suits her-  it's a softer take on the Alexis fringe, less bitchin'  more cute. We like,  Major.

Age of Reason Punk Pug Scarf- 100% Silk, Made in England. 
Available at Jell-o

Sunday, 3 July 2011


One, two, three...Get ready to meet Age of Reason's newest and most stylish supporter, the one, the only Alexis Knox.  Currently famed for her on-screen role as stylist mentor on T4's NewLook : Style the Nation, Alexis has many strings to her bow.  So we are understandably proud to hear that she "Love(s) Age of Reason Scarves, Major!" 

With editorial work spanning everything from Notion Magazine, to Grazia, and swathes of catwalk work under her oh-so-stylish (probably neon) belt, Alexis is no newbie. Her styling tends to be fearless, highly impactful, and bursting with 
dramatic creativity.  All things we love. There are elements of fantasy, non conformity, and even some androgynous/ trans-gender imagery within her work.  We get a sense that Alexis uses style before fashion. Style is the cake,  fashion is the cherry on top. 

This great, and little known,  short film "Behind the Scenes of Fashion Creative Alexis Knox" by Caroline Alice Allen articulates a lot about Alexis's working process, which there isn't time to show on Style the Nation. Click here to watch the short documentary. 

We are now avid followers of Style the Nation, and will be watching with great interest to see what happens next in the final. Sat 9th July 2011 at 11:20 on T4 (Channel 4). 

Pic © Alexis Knox

To get the scarves Alexis loves..  go to our online stockist Jell-o :