Monday, 17 June 2013

Age of Reason at Kirsten Goss London W8

We thought we'd share some snaps of the Age of Reason / M Hulot showcase, which is at  Kirsten Goss's London Kensington store throughout July. Below Kirsten Goss, Anna Kreeger designer of M Hulot bags and our own Ali Mapletof pose in front of the Holland Street store window, which is beautifully decked out in scarves, bags and jewellery. We're particularly keen on the angular silver and bronze jewellery in Kirsten's Urban Edge range, which has just returned to wholesale after several years away. And a special mention goes to guest brand Modelliani sunglasses, colourfully sported below.

Our balloons scarf made its debut at the London showcase, and has also just launched in her Cape Town store as a South African exclusive.  

 Kirsten Goss jewellery designer, Anna Kreeger of M Hulot bags, Ali Mapletoft of Age of Reason 

photography by Lea Salomone

Friday, 14 June 2013

LCM- London Collections Men

 To celebrate the forthcoming LC:M (16th-18th June 2013) we're launching a new range of hand-rolled pocket squares.  Made in England from pure silk crepe-de-chine and carefully rolled by a seamstress in Yorkshire, these pocket hankies inject a little anarchic individuality into a suited and booted fella's attire. 

This is a sartorial step in the dapper direction for Age of Reason. Over the past year we noticed that,  as British menswear went from strength to strength, dapper men were buying the hankies we'd originally designed for women as neckerchiefs. It soon became clear that we needed to create something especially for men, and hand-rolled squares are the most desirable.  In fact some men will not wear a pin hemmed pocket square because it doesn't meet the coded standard of luxury implied by the hand-rolled version. Wearing a hand rolled pocket square is code for "I know stuff."

Have a look at the LC:M site for more fashion forward menswear. We particularly enjoyed  Christopher Shannon's SS14 collection and the be-glittered barnets of the male models in his show.   Our tip is to turn the sound off if you're visiting the LCM homepage, or you'll be forced to listen to Boris Johnson and generic dance music. We don't know why.

Monday, 10 June 2013

New Scarf Launches at KG London

Throughout the rest of June and July we'll be showcasing our scarves at Kirsten Goss's eponymous accessories shop in West London. The showcase, which has previously played host to brands such as Esska Shoes will open this Thursday the 13th of June and stays open late until 8pm. 

Kirsten, a talented jewellery designer in her own right, has worked with names like Liberty London and owns stores in both London and South Africa.  She now lives in South Africa, running her successful label and  goldsmithing studio out of her home city Duban. Kirsten regularly travels to  London for events such as the June-July showcase.  So mark the occasion we're launching a new design inspired by Ali's own Southern African childhood memories. We couldn't resist!
The scarf is called Magic Balloons and was inspired by my childhood in Lesotho, Southern Africa. As kids my sisters and I used to sit on the roof staring at the huge blue sky and imagining different types of flying machines and balloons. We also watched the swallows migrating from Europe to South Africa and enjoyed seeing them swoop across the sky in large numbers, having crossed thousands of miles.

The event will also include bags by M Hulot, another British Made brand,  which we are most definitely lusting after, especially the bowling bags. Join us on the Thursday the 13th for some fizz and accessory ogling!

Age of Reason and M Hulot Showcase
13th June - 30th July

29 Holland Road
London W8 4NA