Monday, 30 January 2012


We're dying share all our SS12 photos with you, but we're being restrained until the website launch on Feb 29th. In the meantime here's a little peek into our world. 

Above is the Age of Reason desk, variously used by Ali and Charlie. Our favourite item on this desk is the bird painting by Victor Reyes of the 7th Letter Crew. This was an art swap with Reyes, who Ali did a pen and ink drawing for. Our other favourite thing is the wooden medicine man mask hanging on the wall on the left.  Ali bartered for this in Bandiagara Mali a few years back. There's also a South African tumb piano hanging on the wall on the right above the old travelling chest.

This is Ali's drawing table on a lovely sunny day. Most of the furniture was lovingly collected from Spitalfields market and ebay. The storage boxes came from a stall at a fair in Brighton. The best thing though is the little Phil Frost painting, which takes pride of place above the desk.  We like a bit of art. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


We love to experiment with different ways of wearing our scarves, and recently we've been enjoying piling them on, tying them together, and generally going for a multiple scarf look. The first pic shows a model with two long pug scarves tied together and pocket squares tied to the ends. Our stylist Lisa braided pocket squares into the model's hair in the second picture, and tied 90x90 square round her neck with a bow at the side. The 136x136 cm scarf in the last picture looks huge because it's simply folded diagonally and tied behind the neck. If you have a picture of yourself styled in scarves please do drop us an email at the email address to the right, or tweet us on @AgeofRScarves. We're always looking for inspiration.

Monday, 9 January 2012


We like these raw and slightly unnerving pictures by blogger Hivenn. She took them in the summer, and somehow, with a billion things going on we missed that window of current-ness.  There's something a bit Twin Peaks about this sub-industrial hinterland. What's in those bushes? It scares us bit, and we like it.  Age of Reason is always looking for creative responses to our work,  so if you have an idea get in touch.