Sunday, 28 April 2013

What to wear? Spring Summer Here we Come....

This SS13 Ali is going on a new style journey by teaming up with her friend and top image consultant Leesa Whisker to work on a Spring Summer wardrobe for work and everyday.  Below is Ali's mood-board for the season, which Leesa requires before the consultation and shopping can begin. 


I'm excited about working with Leesa but it all feels a bit grown up and bizarre. I've always been a sling it on and buy it kind of person. Having said that,  I hate throw away fashion and love quality and longevity in my clothes so I'm looking forward to finding my ideal shapes. These days I don't  have much time to shop so finding great clothes can be a problem. It feels like a step forward to ask an expert and be able to start saying "I know what shapes suit me now and I can invest in proper clothes." I'm also keen to buy some British labels. 


Over the summer Ali will share some of the looks she and Leesa create,  as well as giving a little more insight into how the image consultation process works and why it's a valuable thing to spend time and money on. We also hope to involve Leesa in some scarf styling tutorials.